SEASON 2019 - “Chamber Music Reflections”.


Postponement of the December Concert - The Waltham Symphony is taking a new direction.

The Holiday concert originally scheduled for Sunday December 16, 2018 has been postponed. The date of our next concert will be posted as soon as possible.

Something new is happening with the Waltham Symphony Orchestra.

First we want to reassure everyone, our sponsors, supporters, musicians and friends. The WSO is still in business! In fact we want to share some exciting news. The orchestra is changing direction.

We will communicate more in detail in the next few weeks our plans for the orchestra and for the community. In short the news is that we are switching to a chamber orchestra format, what is often known as a “Mozart Orchestra”. This implies a smaller ensemble of 30-35 musicians or less depending on the repertoire performed. Being a smaller orchestra will allow us more flexibility in all levels, including performance venues and repertoire. There is also a financial rational behind it as well. Audience surveys and extensive research have proved to us that there is a real need for such a group in the Boston area. It has long been the desire of Music Director Founder Patrick Botti to dedicate more of our performances to chamber music. By chamber music is meant performances of music by orchestra musicians in small formations as well as in a full orchestra setting. Patrick Botti wanted to explore repertoire rarely played from the baroque period to the modern era. Of course, the orchestra will perform also traditional chamber music repertoire. Because of the specificity of such an ensemble, a large part of the repertoire opens up for the orchestra. We will be able to perform many of the classical and romantic symphonic works originally written for chamber orchestras as well as many works from the 20th century repertoire. We will also present works from the Renaissance and Baroque periods not often performed alongside well known and well loved works.

The name of the orchestra will also change. The ensemble will maintain its Waltham base and its dedication to the community and its successful outreach programs.

We want to assure all of you that it is a positive development. The WSO musicians are all excited about the move and very supportive of it. The members of the community have been polled as well and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Please, stay tuned for more details soon to be posted.

In the meantime, we want to wish you all a VERY HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON. We will reunite after the beginning of the year with a new branding and a new season schedule of amazing performances. The quality of musical performance will be maintained at its highest level. You cannot expect less. We will continue our innovative approach to the concert experience, breaking new grounds in making sure that the musical classical experience remains alive and flourishing.


Patrick Botti and the Board and Musicians of the Waltham Symphony Orchestra.



The Waltham Symphony is a premier civic orchestra based in Waltham, Massachusetts. The orchestra has for mission to help bring classical music to all audiences, especially the underserved and disenfranchised. It is dedicated to bring the joy, discipline and creativity of classical music to the youth in areas where classical music is not affordable or has no presence. Its core values of musical integrity and high performance level along with a humble and non intimidating approach to the concert experience are some of the trademarks of the orchestra. Its range extends beyond Waltham as the orchestra has a wide regional audience.




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